4 Ways to Promote a Culture of Wellness in 2020

A workplace that emphasizes employee wellbeing is a happier, more productive workplace.

At least, that’s what PricewaterhouseCoopers and the University of Southern California found during their latest study on workplace wellness. Here are their 4 recommendations on how employers can promote a culture of wellbeing in 2020:

Encourage individuality. Create programs that allow people to embrace wellbeing on their own terms. Enable employees to select the healthy habits and attitudes that are most meaningful to them. This flexibility is critical to driving participation and increased measures of wellbeing.

Cultivate a sense of inclusion in your teams. When leaders create an environment of inclusion and belonging — and teams support one another and engage in healthy behaviors together — the benefits multiply, wellbeing habits “stick,” citizenship behavior improves, and teams believe they are more effective.

Show that wellbeing matters. Make it a business priority. For wellbeing programs to succeed, organizations must commit to them as a business priority from the top. This may require making changes to the work environment and team dynamics that create a climate where greater wellbeing is possible.

Up the engagement. Equip employees with technology that promotes wellbeing behaviors. Technology acts as energizing, visible support for corporate wellbeing. It isn’t essential to a wellbeing initiative, but it promotes accountability, interactivity and even friendly competition that lead to improved perceptions of team effectiveness.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Health Research Institute, 2019

Workplace wellness is more than just a perk, it’s essential for success. By investing in your employees’ wellbeing, your workforce will be happier, more resilient, and more engaged with their work.

Article Source: Forbes

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