What Do American Employees Really Want for the Holidays?

Randstad’s holiday survey found that what most American workers want out of the season may not align with what they’re traditionally given.

To celebrate the holidays, most workplaces host classic traditions like gift exchanges that are meant to boost morale in the spirit of the season.

But when asked to identify what they loved most about holidays in the workplace, only 9% of workers ranked their workplace holiday traditions as #1. Instead, most respondents (70%) preferred to receive benefits like extra time off or bonuses.

Article Excerpt from: Randstad USA

This suggests that if you’re looking to boost workplace morale and engagement this season, it may be more effective to offer other perks instead of the structured celebrations that most organizations offer as their “holiday benefit.”

For example, instead of holding another company holiday party this year, consider encouraging your workplace to celebrate on their own terms by offering them benefits like extra vacation days or holiday pay instead.

You can also offer them an employee discount benefit like the ones that TicketsatWork, Plum Benefits, and Working Advantage offer.

Not only will it help them maximize their time off with the season’s most exciting experiences, it’ll help them stretch their paychecks even further with exclusive offers that aren’t open to the general public. It’s a fun, cost-free way for your organization to encourage your associates’ wellbeing outside of the workplace.

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