People Who Spend This Amount During the Holidays Sleep the Worst

For most Americans, the holidays could be bringing as much stress as they bring cheer.

A new Mattress Advisor study found that quality of sleep tends to decline sharply during the holiday period.

According to Mattress Advisor’s new paper, 64% of adults do not receive at least eight hours of sleep during this span, and 32% of these only manage about three to five hours.¹

This is troubling considering that most US adults are already falling short of the recommended quantity of sleep. Most health professionals recommend between seven and nine hours, but a third of US adults already fail to get that amount on a nightly basis.²

“There’s enough to worry about during the holidays, so the last thing you want to deal with is feeling low on energy and cranky due to sleep deprivation. No one wants to be a grinch during what’s supposed to be the happiest season of the year,” reports Mattress Advisor’s resident sleep content specialist, Ashley Little.

The amount that a respondent spent seemed to influence the amount of sleep they achieved. 67% of participants that spent a grand or more on festivities consistently got less than eight hours a sleep a night. Comparably, participants that spent $100 or less routinely achieved quality rest.³

In addition, 43% of respondents identified unexpected holiday expenses as their #1 source of holiday pressure.⁴ This suggests that for many, the financial pitfalls that come with the holiday season are proving detrimental to their sleep quality and mental health.

To avoid these pitfalls, we recommend planning ahead, sticking to a pre-planned schedule & budget, and most importantly, abandoning the idea of a perfect holiday season.

“More often than not, things do not go to plan. When that happens, don’t let it get to you. If you scale back your expectations of the “perfect” holiday season then you’re less likely to stress out. With preparation, consistency, and realistic expectations, it’s possible to survive the holiday season without sacrificing your sleep,” concludes Little.

Article Source: The Ladders

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