Survey: 29% of Americans regret how they spent their PTO in 2018

Along with health insurance and 401(k) plans, paid time off is one of those benefits that job seekers consider closely before accepting a position. But a recent report found that many of us don’t feel we’re making the most of our vacation days.

The survey, commissioned by Priceline and conducted by Morar HPI, found that 29% of more than 1,000 employed Americans regret how they used their 2018 paid time off, and 20% of full-time workers expect they won’t use all their PTO by the end of the year.

So why so much regret and lack of action? Well, 24% say they can’t afford to use their vacation time. But even among those who can, they’re pretty salty about where they have to go.

Do Americans hate love?

The happiest day of someone’s life is supposedly their wedding day. But that doesn’t mean everyone in attendance is pleased to be there.

Of the 19% of Americans who used time off to attend wedding festivities, 41% said it was their top regret, in terms of how they spent their PTO. Maybe we don’t love love as much as we think.

Bon appetit!

While we may hate love, we do love food. 41% of Americans said “food will be their top influence when considering travel in 2019,” according to a release on the report.

We’re also willing to pay big bucks for our food. Food and drink were among the top travel expenses for 2018, before accommodations and transportation. That’s one expensive dinner!


Turns out most of us are pretty comfortable in the United States. Even when Americans were asked where they’d go if they could hypothetically visit anywhere on the globe this year, 37% wanted to travel stateside. A quarter of people chose to hypothetically go to Europe, and the numbers only declined from there.

We’re also focusing more on hyperlocal destinations — Staycations were the most-taken trips in 2018 and proved even more popular than beach visits.

Perhaps there really is no place like home.

Article by: Ladders

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