How to Build a Better Employee Experience

Improving the employee experience has been the hot topic of focus for many organizations. It’s understandable when you consider that a positive employee experience is associated with higher productivity, better employee engagement, and improved bottom line results. In fact, a recent study found that companies with the best employee experiences generated up to 3.8% higher... Continue Reading →

Why Employees Are Stressed About Their Finances

Despite 2019 ending with a strong economy and nominal wage growth, a recent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that most employees in America are stressed about their financial wellbeing. 59% of surveyed employees cited money matters as the primary cause of stress in their lives, and 49% reported finding it difficult to meet their household expenses... Continue Reading →

Increase Value of Wellness Programs

Holistic wellness programs have become more popular than ever among organizations, and it’s easy to see why: a workforce that’s healthy, happy, and engaged provides a formidable competitive advantage. However, wellness programs have also been criticized for their perceived lack of effectiveness. The most common complaint is that most participants, while tending to start off... Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Promote a Culture of Wellness in 2020

A workplace that emphasizes employee wellbeing is a happier, more productive workplace. At least, that’s what PricewaterhouseCoopers and the University of Southern California found during their latest study on workplace wellness. Here are their 4 recommendations on how employers can promote a culture of wellbeing in 2020: Encourage individuality. Create programs that allow people to... Continue Reading →

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